Susanne Sundfør - Photo by Sofia Fredrick Sprung

Photo by Sofia Fredrick Sprung

Beloved Norwegian artist SUSANNE SUNDFØR returns with a new album next year. Ten Love Songs is the name of the longplayer which follows 2012’s The Silicone Veil and is set for a release on February the 16th. It’s nice seeing her back solo after her successful features with acts like RÖYKSOPP and M83 in the past two years.

SUNDFØR on the themes of her new LP: ‘To me, love isn’t always what it seems. When I first started to work on the album, I wanted to make an album about violence, and then, as I was writing the songs, there were violent aspects, but they were usually about love or relationships, how you connect with other people. And in the end, that turned out to be 10 love songs.’

One of these love songs, the grooving synthpop tune Fade Away, is already up for stream right here.