SVILU - S15 - Photo by Nir Arieli

Photo by Nir Arieli

Two women stand behind SVILU. Based in New York and after have worked for Haute Couture Houses, Britt Cosgrove and Marina Polo design clothes that would make every woman feel confident into them. Ethical and timeless, with loose silhouettes and special elements, they manage to combine comfort with style. Exactly what we all need to keep up with the fever of the daily routine. We caught up with them and talked about their latest collection for Spring, the motto of the brand and their future plans.

SVILU - S15 - Photo by Nir Arieli

Photo by Nir Arieli

How did you design to start up your brand?

We worked together for a few years before deciding to launch SVILU. The inspiration to start our own collection stemmed from our conversations on how to create a desirable, wearable line of clothing in a more mindful manner.

Both of you have experience from working in the Big Houses. Is it important for a young designer to start from there? Is it inspiring or deterrent and why?

Working for other designers is a tremendous opportunity to learn from some of the best. It’s interesting to understand and help execute another person’s creative vision. It helped us to refine our own direction and gave us a set of tools that have helped us grow SVILU.

How hard is it to start up a brand of sustainable fashion?

It’s a big undertaking, but we actually find that working towards a focused mission helps to streamline and clarify the design process. Discovering the latest sustainable fabrics and yarns excites us and informs our design decisions. While there are fewer materials available for us to work with, we see this as a framework for creative solutions, rather than a limitation.

The philosophy behind your brand is that ‘the clothes set a woman apart without speaking louder than she does’. How do you manage to do this?

Our designs are based on timeless silhouettes with subtle flourish that elevate and distinguish our pieces. We are always thinking about the little touches – be it a flash of color under a collar stand, or sneaking pockets into dresses. Thoughtfully designed clothing is empowering.

What are the materials that you’re using? What’s your favorite to work with?

We like to work with a diverse range of sustainable materials, from NewLife, which is a fiber made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, to GOTS certified Organic Cotton, to fabrics created from upcycling old garments. Textile selection is integral to our commitment to produce beautiful clothing in a mindful way.

What do you hold for us with your latest collection?

For spring 15 and for the first time, we are really excited to introduce a collection of custom designed palm prints on organic cottons ranging from feminine voiles to tailored suitings.

SVILU - S15 - Photo by Nir Arieli

Photo by Nir Arieli

What was the moment when you felt the most proud for SVILU?

We are proud of the relationships that we’ve built over the years with our stores. Many of our retailers took a chance on us in our first season and are still carrying us today.

What should we expect from you in the near future? Any confirmed plans?

We just launched our Fall 15 collection. Check out our instagram for glimpses into our plaster inspired print pieces.

Share with us a crazy dream-the ideal collaboration/muse/setting for SVILU!

We would love to expand into children’s clothes. All of our friends are having babies and we think petit SVILU would be adorable.

Last but not least, our magazine is called ‘Nothing But Hope And Passion’. What does that mean to you?

As designers these are words to live by. Passion drives us to work differently and push ourselves to create in a more mindful manner. It’s our hope that this approach is reflected in our designs.

SVILU - S15 - Photo by Nir Arieli

Photo by Nir Arieli

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