Sway Clarke II - Photo by Johanna-Maria Fritz

Photo by Johanna-Maria Fritz

There are many musicians with a ‘Secret Garden’ they sing about. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN has one, PATRICK WOLF has one, MADONNA has one – of course. Even DEPECHE MODE have one, hidden on a b-side. Now the Canadian musician SWAY CLARKE II joins them and the flowers in his Secret Garden definitely smell of love. Much love indeed.

Well, maybe SWAY CLARKE II‘s definition of love is a little, let’s say extensive, since he confirms that he has much of it to give but points out that there is more than one rose growing in his garden. In fact there are white ones, purple ones, black ones, yellow ones, brown ones. But SWAY CLARKE II doesn’t leave us without a reason for his love of flowers, singing: Toronto had me cold, I was young with no control. 

What luck that he can experience spring awakening in his new home Berlin right now. In a city covered in concrete there is always need for gardening activities. So we don’t hold SWAY CLARKE II‘s Secret Garden against him but enjoy the variety in it. As long as he leaves the weed alone.