Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Failed By Machine - album cover


1. Dance Before You Die
2. (quakes)
3. Failed By Man
4. (tremors)
5. Failed By Machine

Australian post-rock act TANGLED THOUGHTS OF LEAVING demand attention. Whether it’s through a live performance or a recording, the music demands that the listener devote their undivided consciousness to the experience. Vocals are scarce – but this is not background music. By way of a piano-led amalgamation of prog, post-rock, jazz, noise, metal and classical film soundtracks, TANGLED THOUGHTS OF LEAVING have crafted something of their own: sometimes intensely heavy, relentless and epic; at other times fragile and intricate.

The band spent their first three months of 2011 recording their debut album, Deaden the Fields, in their studio. Situated on farmland an hour south-east of Perth, the isolated studio gave TANGLED THOUGHTS OF LEAVING the freedom to push everything to the limit, explore every possibility and give every second of the record the fine attention to detail it deserved.

Now, about two years later, TANGLED THOUGHTS OF LEAVING are back with their new record, Failed By Machine, which includes five songs of amazing beauty. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is proud to present the album stream to you now and (exclusively) here. Are you ready to dream away? You should be, because TANGLED THOUGHTS OF LEAVING won’t let you go.

Furthermore TANGLED THOUGHTS OF LEAVING will tour Europe soon. During this tour they will also play at the Belgian DUNK!FESTIVAL, which is also presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. So listen to Failed By Machine now, fall in love with TANGLED THOUGHTS OF LEAVING and make sure to check out these Australian guys at one of their upcoming live shows.