Tears & Marble - Press Pic 2014Electronic music from the Netherlands mostly is kind of a rough affair: Not with sweethearts Bella Hay and Chris Kuhlen, though. The duo from The Hague opens sonic space to linger in luxurious slow burning pop. We got attention after TEARS & MARBLE hushed by with a breathing version of HADDAWAY’s epic shitpile of all-time-classic What is Love. Now they are slinking back with a beautiful EP named Romance. And romance it is! After we sat down together to discuss some of life’s serious problems, relations were broken up and we deleted several numbers from our cellphones. And now, lonely and full of hope, we are waiting to see them play life and shed some tears.

What can you tell us about the Dutch music scene?
Bella: I really love how supporting Dutch bands are to each other. We are a small country, so everyone in the music scene pretty much knows each other. It’s a lot of fun playing gigs with other bands, hanging out backstage and sharing thoughts on new music.

What influences can you list?
Cris: We get our inspiration from 80’s new wave and ‘Neue Deutsche Welle’, like FAD GADGET and GRAUZONE.

What would your dream collaboration be?
Bella: Playing with DAVID BOWIE is a longtime fantasy. If he’s reading this: give us a call!

What other current artists are you particularly into?
Cris: During coffee breaks you’ll hear BLOOD ORANGE, SUUNS or CROCODILES at our workplace.

What does the future hold for you?
Lots of gigs with new and old friends, new tracks and cool videos.

Would you rather have a dragon or be a dragon?
Bella: I’m totally obsessed with the Game of Thrones book series. Daenarys is my favourite character, the girl with three dragons. I’d rather have a dragon because she’s so epic and I want to be her.

Would you rather have legs the size of fingers or fingers the size of legs?
Cris: I’m afraid I already have legs the size of fingers..

Would you rather whisper or shout for the rest of your life?
Bella: I think whispering is a lot sexier than shouting being a girl, and far more practical.

What was your ‘The Moment That Everything Changed?’
Cris: The first time I tasted Indonesian food.
Bella: When I got my first Nintendo.

How would you describe your sound to a deaf person?
Cris: I would gesture two thumbs up!

What do hope and passion mean to you?
Bella: We can only hope to be able to do where our greatest passion lies: making music and having fun while doing it!