Teddy - Fulfilling Romance Screen Shot Context?

The way they dress and the way their music sounds takes you back to the 80s – in a good way. TEDDY– that’s Tom Falle and Eddy Bailhache. And the English duo have just premiered their new video called Fulfilling Romance.

Why Should I Watch This?

According to TEDDY the video is a result of ‘1/2 a bottle of gin, some recently purchased sassy wallpaper and a rogue smoke machine.’ What you see is some excellent jungle wallpaper (with parrots on them, folks!), a white couch, the two guys flaunting around on top of said couch – and a rogue smoke machine. All while singing ‘I’m a man and I’m a queen that’s the way it’s always been’.

Anything Else?

Apart from the fact that the guys have a passion for terrible dancing, you can also catch them performing in London TEDDY on Saturday (Dec 12th) at Birthdays where they will support SARAH P.‘s record release concert. And if we’re really lucky there will be a new single and EP coming up in March.