TEI SHI already put out one absolutely outstanding video this year, for Bassically, which saw her essentially mount a small insurrection mixed with dance moves. So when we heard that she’s bringing out a video for her track See Me, which we had nothing but good things to say about back in November, we were naturally excited. And the video doesn’t disappoint.

Why Should I Watch This?

The video sees TEI SHI go back to her roots, specifically Bogotá in Colombia where she spent part of her childhood. See Me is spliced with album track Can’t Be Sure, with a crack and a rolling wave announcing the transition between the songs. TEI SHI wanders the city and countryside, with the video’s slow-moving, dreamy imagery perfectly matching the song’s blissed out vibe.

Anything Else?

TEI SHI‘s really, really excellent Verde EP featuring Bassically, See Me and Can’t Be Sure, is out now on Double Denim Records.