Anton Newcombe & Tess Parks

Anton Newcombe, longtime songwriter and head of the infamous psychrock band THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE has teamed up with a gifted young singer called TESS PARKS. Their collaborative album I Declare Nothing is due to be out on June 29th via Newcombes own A Recordings and it’s the ultimate product of Newcombes new studio in Berlin, his own psychedelic past and the impressive voice of the Canada-born TESS PARKS. PARKS, originally from Toronto, stayed in London for quite a while, where she earned the attention of no one else but the legendary Alan McGee and released a record called Blood Hot via his new 359 Music in 2013. Now she obviously found a congenial partner in Newcombe.

Already on Record Store Day the duo revealed the song Cocaine Cat and it’s a great sounding, lazy/trippy tune that’s reminiscent of some psychrock-era classics. Which doesn’t come as a surprise if Anton Newcombe is involved, who followed the trails of this music extensively with his BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE for more than 20 years now. His Cocaine Cat TESS PARKS might be of young age but she definitely has the right vibe in her voice to put Newcombes dreamy guitar-cascades into context.