The Album Leaf - New Soul - Video
It’s been five years since Jimmy LaValle aka THE ALBUM LEAF released a solo album under this alias. Now, the follow-up to 2010’s A Chorus Of Storytellers is ready to launch. It goes by the name Between Waves and arrives somewhere in 2016. Already today LaValle shared first music from it in the form of New Soul.

The tender new piece comes together with a video clip from director Michael Raines. He created a gentle black and white video that follows a woman around a dessert landscape while carrying a dead rabbit. Raines explains the concept in the following words: ‘We never had a conversation about the song’s meaning or intentions. I wanted to make something that felt expansive, like the song itself, but ultimately let the viewer decide who this woman was and whether it was a story about death, rebirth, or both.’

The new ALBUM LEAF material also features a more prominent feature of LaValle’s voice, compared to previous work of the band. ‘Lyrically, the song is about moving forward, getting out of your comfort zone,’ describes the songwriter his latest output. Watch the video for New Soul right here.