the capsules - time will only tell 2013

Sound of the Day: The Capsules – “Time Will Only Tell”

Time Will Only Tell is the new music video by Texas-based band dream pop band THE CAPSULES. The song which is taken from the band’s album Northern Lights & Southern Skies (out January 2013 via Vespera Records), is named “Sound of the Day”, since it is a wonderful song for a sunday like today.

THE CAPSULES have a tendency for sleepless nights, writing pensive, late night reveries. When they emerge from these states, they bring with them a soundtrack to the half forgotten memories that pass through your imagination in the space between reality and whimsy. The songs on “Northern Lights & Southern Skies” unfold in the place where the heart is open to the mysteries of the universe and help us gain a bit of insight into the experiences of love, loss, and longing that makes us human. Julie Shields has a comforting voice that sounds like your best friend whispering in your ear, while the melodic bass of Jason Shields and Kevin Trevino’s understated drumming keep things deceptively simple.

Time Will Only Tell is a rocking and at the same time dreamy love song for everyone who is in love (or wants to be in love). Enjoy the “Sound of the Day” coming from THE CAPSULES: