The Castillians

THE CASTILLIANS’ record label boss, PNKSLM founder Luke Reilly, has announced that the band “should be way fucking bigger than THE BLACK KEYS”. And it appears that progress is being made on that front. They re-released their debut album, Show Your Teeth, a couple of months back and are now gearing up to put out its successor, You & Me. Leading that charge is the single of the same name.

You & Me is unapologetically old school, riffing on themes that rock music has been mining for a solid sixty years (“I got a car, it don’t drive too bad, and I’ll pick you up, from your mom and dad’s”). It’s not going to revolutionise the musical landscape anytime soon, but there’s nothing wrong with that, and You & Me is trashy, punky and relentlessly fun. It’s a rattling garage-pop tune, tin-can vocals coasting along on a wave of fuzzy guitars and surfy harmonies, and basically, you would have to be an arch-miserablist to even try and dislike this track. THE CASTILLIANS’ second album, You & Me, is out in October on PNKSLM.