Photo by Moni Haworth

This summer will see the release of a new studio album by beloved indie-pop outfit THE DRUMS. Mastermind Jonny Pierce who by now seems to be the only remaining memmber of the group will release Abysmal Thoughts on June 16 via Anti Records. The album follows 2014’s Encyclopedia. Pierce recorded all instruments on the new album by himself as the lyrical themes see him dealing with heartbreak, loss but also strength as he explains the LP title:

‘Happiness can be confusing to me. It shows up out of nowhere, and before you can even get used to it, it’s vanished. But Abysmal Thoughts? I can rely on them—and with the political chaos that is raining down, who knows when these dark feelings will subside?’

A first track of the new THE DRUMS album arrives in the form of Blood Under My Belt which can be enjoyed via a colourful music video below. According to Pierce he wanted to ‘make a music video that explores some visual fetishes of mine—mainly sportswear and a new exploration of colors that I’ve long-loved but hadn’t been a part of the band’s aesthetic until now.’ You should definitely not skip this one. There’s also more new in the form of Heart Basel and Head of the Horse which are all up for stream below.

‘Abysmal Thoughts’ – Tracklist

01. Mirror
02. I’ll Fight For Your Life
03. Blood Under My Belt
04. Heart Basel
05. Shoot The Sun Down
06. Head Of The Horse
07. Under The Ice
08. Are U Fucked
09. Your Tenderness
10. Rich Kids
11. If All We Share (Means Nothing)
12. Abysmal Thoughts

‘Head Of The Horse’

‘Heart Basel’

‘Blood Under My Belt’