The Faint - Photo by Bill Sitzmann

Photo by Bill Sitzmann

US-American electro-punk institution THE FAINT return with new music. Young & Realistic is their first single since 2014’s Doom Abuse album and could tease a potential follow-up by the group around singer Todd Fink. In a statement via Stereogum he describes the new song in the following words:

I believe this one goes in The Faint Danse Party folder. We wrote, recorded, and mixed it ourselves here at our studio in Omaha, Nebraska. Pretty song-y for club music and pretty clubby for indie/punk, this one falls right in the sweet spot. I love that warm bouncy bass synth (it’s a CS15 if you must know). This might be a love song. Maybe it’s a respect song. Those are intertwined concepts I suppose. Without respect, love is a weaker bond.

Truly, THE FAINT haven’t lost their dance magic, right? Listen right here.