The Flaming Lips - 2013 - LettermanHere we go with THE FLAMING LIPS latest contribution to the cultural plate, a wigged out and trippy performance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Fans who have seen the band live are familiar with their theatrical stage antics, which at times involve audience members dressed as furries and talking/singing nun puppet. This clip has frontman and resident artistic weirdo Wayne Coyne standing in front of multiple tinfoil and duct taped microphones, holding a baby doll with umbilical-like lit cords that connect to metallic half domes. It looks like he and the baby are plugged into some futuristic sci-fi birthing/nursing center.

The song itself, titled Look…. the Sun is Rising from their forthcoming album The Terror matches the visual with lots of spacey sound effects and a section of Wayne screaming but then modified with effects to complete the sensation that you are in outer space. It’s like the sedate, not-to-scary acid flashback you wish you could still have. Watch it right here.