The Flaming Lips - You LustLegendary US-American psychedelic rock band THE FLAMING LIPS cut the 13-minute centerpiece from their latest album The Terror down for an odd voluptuous NSFW-music clip. It’s the second one after the lyric video to the album’s bonus track Sun Blows Up Today.

The video deals with a couple that is playing with erotic electron-induced phantasies and physical sensations. About their nakedness and frontman Wayne Coyne THE FLAMING LIPS‘ multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd says: “The nudity in the video isn’t glamorous or sexy. It’s very stark and disturbing. I think that’s a bold move. There are some shots when you go, ‘That’s an interesting angle to shoot a flaccid penis from…’ But Wayne isn’t shy about being naked.

Check out the music clip to You Lust right here: