Jolan Lewis has been a notable figure and serial band member around the Manchester music scene for a while now. A former frontman of THE PINK TEENS, he also had spells in bands with FRANCIS LUNG and ALDOUS RH. Now however, he’s decided to strike out on his own with his new project THE FOETALS. He put out a well-received debit single (Fine) a few months back, and now he’s dropped his second effort, Malted.

With overtones of WAVVES’ early, melancholic bedroom tracks, Malted is an immaculate piece of lo-fi scuzz rock. The slacker, ‘why get out of bed?’ atmosphere the layers of fuzz give the song actually slightly distracts from how sweetly and carefully constructed it is. From the pristinely vintage guitars to the almost carelessly melodic vocal, every part of Malted hits exactly the spot it aims for. THE FOETALSdebut album, Meet The Foetals, is out in October on PNKSLM Recordings.