The Late Call - Carry Music - Video

Some music videos concepts are so simple that they first might sound quite boring when you just have them on paper. But if the song is powerful enough to have the dry concept come alive you can only wonder once again what music is capable of. Just take this lovely new music video by songwriter Johannes Mayer and his alter ego THE LATE CALL. It just needs his sweet tune to give the dancing ballerina the fitting musical environment. The result is as simple as it is beautiful which it mostly owes to the lovely track that is Carry. The track is taken of Mayer’s new album Golden which arrives on April 10 via Tapete Records.

The Stockholm-based, English-singing German has already released three albums so far but he surely took some time after the last one, 2012’s Pale Morning Light, to write the songs of Golden and carefully shape them before releasing them to the world. THE LATE CALL delivers bittersweet melancholia that goes hand in hand with uplifting melodies. It’s reduced but not lo-fi, packed with emotions but not corny. It’s all about the balance, right? And a good concept. Carry delivers both and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the world premiere of this sparkling new video right here.