Comedy web series The Louise Log has become an underground sensation, gaining unlikely fans including playwright Eve Ensler (The vagina Monologues), comedian/actor Suzy Soro and film critic Robert Ebert. After gaining such popularity The Louise Log has earned ‘Best Web Show’ nomination at the 2013 Shorty Awards.

The Louise Log delve into the life of a real NYC housewife (played by Christine Cook) who is more than determined to get things right in spite of her high maintenance husband, an addiction to caffeine – and an overactive inner voice. This inner voice is the real star of the show, has it offers countless of side-splitting one liners throughout the series.

Created, produced and directed by Sundance filmmaker Anne Flournoy (in the comfort of her New York apartment),The  Louise Log has two seasons (34 episodes in total) available on YouTube and The and there are plans to film season 3 in the autumn.

Flournoy took the web sites to another level, by making a feature film, How To Be Louise. Premiered at Brooklyn’s Indiescreen on 3rd May, the black and white production is about a young and free Louise living in Williamsburg, New York with roommates – before becoming a bogged-down housewife.

How To Be Louise is well on its way to becoming a big hit as it already clocked up raving reviews from major newspapers in the Big Apple.  The New York Times says: ‘A Judy Holliday character who seems to have fallen into a Jean-Luc Godard film’. The New Post called the feature film ‘a black and white gem.’

The Sundance Institute launched How To Be Louise via Netflix, Hulu and iTunes on 7 May.

To watch The Louise Log, go to

For now, take a look at the trailer for HOW TO BE LOUISE: