The Majority Says - Photo by Samuel Westergren

Photo by Samuel Westergren

There are different ways of teasing an upcoming longplayer. Swedish newcomers THE MAJORITY SAYS took an interesting one. The band from Linköping will release its self-titled debut album on July the 4th and they decided to preview each track with a unique little teaser video. An audiovisual pre-listening if you’d like to call it – interesting thing.

The Majority Says - Raindrops - PreListeningNOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the third part of that series as we are exclusively premiering Raindrops from the album. The sweet and gentle pop of THE MAJORITY SAYS is clearly driven by the distinctive voice of singer Hanna Antonsson. She slightly resembles ELLIE GOULDING but adds an undeniable edginess to her vocals. Judging by what this 90-seconds-long teaser shows us Raindrops might be heavily heart-wrenching ballad material. Exactly the kind of music for a rainy day which perfectly explains its title.

You can follow the band’s path to the release of the album on their very own blog. And you can tease the latest track off the record right here.

The self-titled debut-album by THE MAJORITY SAYS is set for a release on July the 4th. You can already pre-order it today via iTunes and Amazon.