The Migrant - 'Climbers

Some of you might recall the lovely Danish pop-export THE ELEPHANTS – if not, today’s video premiere might get you into them as we got a new video from one of the band’s former members. Bjarke Bendtsen aka THE MIGRANT has just released his new album Flood on DEVIL DUCK RECORDS, making it the debut for the lovely folks there. The opener of it is called Climbers and you can witness its visualization right here one NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION for the first time.

Although Bendtsen is around as THE MIGRANT for a while now, the new record elevates his Americana/folk-influenced but dreamy pop songs to a new level. As a proof for that serves Climbers. The song is really an undeniable and irresistible nod towards JOSÉ GONZALES. But it’s also a delicate tune in itself and comes with a beautiful video, containing a lot of expressive dancing. Which is all the ingredients we need really. Enjoy THE MIGRANT‘s new clip right here and give the album a listen or two – it’s worth it!