Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Indie pop sweetheart Kip Berman and his band THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART report back with a new album this summer. The Echo Of Pleasure follows 2014’s Days Of Abandon and is set for a release on July 14 via the band’s own Painbow label. In a press release Berman explains the quite different circumstances of the recording process this time:

‘The logistics of it were so different. When I recorded the record, my wife was six months pregnant. We only had a limited amount of time. There was an absolute uncertainty hanging over our heads, but it was also a kind of escape from worry for that time- What’s going to happen when I have a kid? Am I going to be able to go on tour? Is this the last record I’m going to get to make? It’s not a bad thing to be worried when you’re expecting this huge transition of life. If you didn’t feel scared, you’re probably not feeling the right emotion. I tried to make the best record I could, knowing it might be the last time’

A first single arrives in the form of the power pop tune Anymore which the songwriter describes as a song ‘about a love that is extreme in its wonder and terror.’ The catchy When I Dance With You is the second released track which is now also for stream below the album’s details. Don’t forget to check out their forthcoming tour dates as well.

‘The Echo Of Pleasure’ – Tracklist

01. My Only
02. Anymore
03. The Garret
04. When I Dance With You
05. The Echo of Pleasure
06. Falling Apart So Slow
07. So True
08. The Cure for Death
09. Stay

‘When I Dance With You’