The Rapture

New York-based post-punk/disco ensemble and legendary DFA Records band THE RAPTURE parted ways. And what’s even more surprising – they did it without telling their fans in form of an official press release. As ‘Self-titled’ reports the news surfaced during the recent Red Bull Music Academy takeover in New York where singer Luke Jenner was listed as ‘formely of THE RAPTURE‘. DFA label manager Jonathan Galkin confirmed the news to ‘Self-titled’.

The band were one of the pioneers of the disco-punk movement in New York City in the early 00s. Especially their 2003 sophomore album Echoes gained the attention of critics and indie-music lovers all over the world. Their most recent longplayer, In The Grace Of Your Love, was released in 2011. We’re still waiting for an official statement from THE RAPTURE and enjoy one of their classics in the meantime.