THE SKULL DEFEKTS - Photo by Micke Keysendal

THE SKULL DEFEKTS – Photo by Micke Keysendal

The Known Unknown, the new video by Swedish rock quintet THE SKULL DEFEKTS‘ premieres on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. The bands new album Dances In Dreams Of The Known Unknown was released on April 8th via Thrill Jockey Records and will be out in Germany on April 25th.

When THE SKULL DEFEKTS entered the studio last Spring with nothing more than a collection of loosely organized riffs, they set out to record their most extreme, challenging rock album. Much to the band’s surprise, what emerged were their most incessantly listenable, approachable songs to date. THE SKULL DEFEKTS merge the coarse vitality of punk with the ritualism of folk dances to create music that is addictive, wondrously discordant, and rooted in a belief in the overwhelming power of pure sound.

For a long time THE SKULL DEFEKTS have acted as the backbone of the Swedish experimental underground, but since their 2011 breakthrough album Peer Amid, the group has emerged at the vanguard of a new wave of radical Scandinavian rock music alongside ICEAGE. The Known Unknown, which is out now, centers around a driving riff, with singer Nordwall turning the song’s title into a mantra as intense as it is transcendent. Enjoy!