The Tallest Man On Earth - photo by Cameron Wittig

Photo by Cameron Wittig

Already a while ago crafted Swedish songwriter Kristian Matsson, better known as THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH, announced the release of his new album Dark Bird Is Home for May the 12th via Dead Oceans. But apart from a little teaser video we didn’t get to hear anything from it – until now. The first track has been unveiled: It’s called Sagres and it’s as typical Matsson-folk as it is an exciting step into richly arranged americana (THE WAR ON DRUGS anyone?). THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH seems to be aiming for the bigger gestures this time again. Listen to the tune below.

Dark Bird Is Home marks Matsson’s fourth full-length and follows 2012’s acclaimed There’s No Leaving Now. The ten songs it’ll contain are listed below. But we know what you really came here for, so screw the facts for now, get excited and listen to Sagres.

Dark Bird Is Home – Tracklist

01. Fields of Our Home
02. Darkness of the Dream
03. Singers
04. Slow Dance
05. Little Nowhere Towns
06. Sagres
07. Timothy
08. Beginners
09. Seventeen
10. Dark Bird Is Home