This Void

The believe in us and the passion for music is ever-present.”

During this year’s DOCKVILLE FESTIVAL NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION grabbed the chance to do an interview with the energetic newcomersTHIS VOID in order to fill still existing knowledge gaps of the talented band with substance. Everybody who suddenly feels like seeing THIS VOID live on stage and bringing theirselves to dance to their rhythmic sound, is cordially invited to join the upcoming REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL.

an interview in December 2011 you answered the question concerning the stages you want to occupy in the future with “DOCKVILLE, MELT! and a couple more.” Well, how was your performance at the DOCKVILLE FESTIVAL 2013?
Great! We didn’t expect such a big crowd because it is the last day of the festival, it was raining and in addition to that we had a quite early stage time. The majority usually stays in their tents, waits at the garbage deposit point or even sets off for home. But in this manner it was totally cool. A dancing audience and the first day without volume control so that our sound wasn’t limited. Perfect.


Imagine you would have the chance to initiate your own festival- Where would it take place, who would you invite to be on stage and what shouldn’t be missing?
A band we would definitely like to invite would be DER RINGER, a smashing band that also practices in our rehearsal room in Hamburg. Furthermore we would like to add PORTUGAL.THE MAN and a few small but mighty hip hop acts to our line-up. The location would be the dairy farm of Hannes -an old friend of ours- which is close to the dike. 2000 festivals visitors, milk for all as well as a shuttle to the beach! The possibility to go for a swim in order to refresh yourself and a special stage on the water. Last but not least, of course : Jever!


You just announced your second album during your performance. Not long ago you were busy recording in the studio…
Exactly. We recorded in the Elevator Studios here in Hamburg which was extremely exhausting. Fortunately, we already pre- produced everything and therefore we previously knew what has to be recorded. The plan was safe from end-to-end. As a consequence we didn’t have to start all over again but rather co-produce our tracks. However, we had a very tight schedule. All in all we produced eleven songs in six days. Nevertheless it was possible to position ourselves more precisely concerning our versatility and as a result we found a sound which is more powerful. The basic rails are still there but in the end everything is a lot more formed. It sounds more like a whole train of thoughts.


During your time in the Elevator Studios you also recorded your recent single „Them Guns (Weit Weg Von Uns)“. Not long ago, the corresponding video just celebrated its premiere. How was the process of finding ideas like?
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In the beginning, we elaborated a whole conceptual idea. The video should take place in an old, closed brewery and every one of us should embody a specific role. But already at the first day of the music video shoot we had to cancel the plan because of unplanned complications. After that we searched for a new idea with our film crew in the next morning. Suddenly we just decided to go outside and began to shoot spontaneously. At the end of the day, this video reflects our personalities much better than the former fictional story. A friend of ours put it straight by saying that this video not just reflect the summery atmosphere of the song in colour and shape but also shows how a summer’s eve would look like with us.


Originally you come from Jever where you found each other during a musical project. In the meantime some parts of the band live in Hamburg and Berlin. What does the city life do to you?
Especially Hamburg felt quickly like home. It’s comparable with many little villages that are strung together and make a joint whole. Therefore you got the feeling to be able to recognize faces and to feel secure in your district. In so far the rearrangement was just luxury because it benefits the networking.


When did you decided to get THIS VOID started in a professional way?
From day one –because there is no use to invest so much energy and time when you don’t have a specific aim in mind. We live widely scattered and we overcome this distance since two years. The believe in us and the passion for music is ever-present.


Your project THIS VOID is pretty unknown for most of our readers by now. First, the name of your band sounds quite gloomy but then your sound surprises with a lot of positive energy.
That was actually the basic idea- to write gloomy, melancholic songs. But then these lyrics rise in a very rhythmical way within the band. They often start heavy, dark and very late. The crucial modification happens because of our great rhythm fraction. We all come from different sections. Our guitarist is basically a drummer and our bassist actually plays guitar. In this regard everyone hears the particular instruments in a varied kind of way. That’s why our ideas are always constructively developed. As a consequence we create an interesting tension between lyrics and sound.


So, are you more into lyrics or is the instrumental arrangement more important to you or to put it in another way – What finally convinces you about a song?
Usually, the instrumental arrangement and the melody is of capital importance. Lyrics often consist of questionable contents but as a total package together with the instrumental music it can be still convincing. Our lyrics are basically designed after a melody. First there only exist key words and a basic idea but the detailed text is not built around the sound until the end. Therefore they are the last missing pieces of the jigsaw that are falling into place.


Last one: What do hope and passion mean to you?