thomas azier - hylas - album cover 2014

Electronic music artist THOMAS AZIER unveiled Hylas, the title track of his upcoming debut album, Hylas, which will be out on March 10th. The Dutch born artist moved to Berlin when he was 19. With his uncompromising, dark and broody electronic pop sound, THOMAS AZIER is set on making his own impression on the music world. The album took was written over five years and is a reflection of his development from the 19-year-old boy he was back then to the young adult he is now. It’s about the naivety of youth as well as the struggles of growing up. “If people ask me to describe my music, I always call it a play between hope and despair.”

THOMAS AZIER’s story is a truly pan-European one: a Dutch guy singing in English moves to Berlin and ends up signing a deal with Universal Music France (Island France / Mercury Music Group) in France. A sound that bridges gaps between cultures. Hylas is the Sound of the Day.