thot - citizen pain ep - cover

THOTCitizen Pain EP

1. Citizen Pain
2. Citizen Pain (T.Raumschmiere Remix)
3. Citizen Pain (Downtown Path Manipulation Remix)
4. Rhythm.Hope.Answers (Imaginary War Remix)
5. Rhythm.Hope.Answers (RNZ Remix)

Citizen Pain is the new EP by Grégoire Fray aka. THOT. The Belgian vegetal noise music act’s newest output is after their last single Rhythm.Hope.Answers the most mature song they put out so far. No doubt, that THOT is one of the hardest working bands of Belgium and that they are at the same time a band with a sound that could not be more unique. Fray and his band mates exactly know how to create a unique sound that is both breathtaking and challenging. Challenging in a positive way, since the music is not easy one, but NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION has never been about easy music, but about music that is created out of mainly two things: hope and passion. And this is what THOT do: creating songs that are more than just songs. Tunes that are an experience.

And so is the Citizen Pain EP. An EP with true sounds, noises and a lot of passion! Besides the original version of Citizen Pain EP, the EP includes remixes of the song by German electro/industrial/punk producer T.RAUMSCHMIERE and DOWNTOWN PATH MANIPULATION. Furthermore there are two remixes of the band’s earlier released single Rhythm.Hope.Answers. One by Joki Schaller, frontman of German dark synthpop band IMAGINARY WAR, who created a massive industrial remix. The other remix comes from hip-hop act RNZ. One original song and four amazing remixes. Five tracks and each of them carries a special atmosphere and has its very own face.

THOT‘s new Citizen Pain EP premieres exclusively on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION and can be streamed below. Dive into the world of THOT vegetal noise music and decide which of the remixes is your favorite one.