Thot - Citizen Pain (Music Video)

Video Premiere: THOTCitizen Pain

Belgian vegetal noise act THOT is back with a new EP titled Citizen Pain which shortly premiered on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Now the video to the title song, Citizen Pain, is ready. The video was directed by THOT‘s mastermind Grégoire Fray and Arielle Moens & Jeremy Moulin. After Rhythm.Hope.Answers another strong song and video output by this special band from Brussels, Belgium.

Are you ready to dive into the world of Citizen Pain? You should be, because this song won’t leave you untouched. When Fray sings “let me show you…” you’ll want this song always in the back of your head for the right moments. Enjoy!

THOT – Citizen Pain – Lyrics

The more you breed, the less you dream.
The more you fake, the less you create.
The sooner you want it, the harder you get it.
The faster you drive, the higher you’re gonna dive.
The time you spend, to forget about the end.
The smile you save, in front of your mistakes.
Your power of buying is nothing but lying.
The power of lying, is nothing but pretending.
I saw towers, eaten by the clouds.
I saw bridges, running out from the flood.
I saw shadows, eaten by the fool.
I saw buildings, waiting for the bloom.
I saw my path, coming from the south, the door back to the north, has been cut and paste.
I’m waiting for her, I couldn’t find my way, people in there, hold so dark secrets.

Let me show you how we can slow down the collapse of the world through the days that come.
Let me show you.
Let me choke you.

I can’t explain, all my fury, my fucking shame, I’m not sorry, it’s not enough.
Nothing but the void, into my belly, a red vertigo, I’m deep into fear, I’m not sorry.”