Throw Me Off The Bridge - 2014

French singer-songwriter Quentin Sauvé aka THROW ME OFF THE BRIDGE will release his new album Blindfolded Traveler later this year. Already now NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION premieres the first new song by the dark folk musician. The song is titled Someday, a heartbreakingly beautiful song about longing for happiness.

Throw Me Off The Bridge - Blinfolded Traveler - Album Cover 2014

THROW ME OFF THE BRIDGE‘s second album Blindfolded Traveler will be released later this year.

Mauling guitar strings and vocal cords in different post-hardcore bands since he was a child, Quentin Sauvé shows his own indie-folk side as a solo effort. Giving saturated guitars up to acoustic ones, he’s taking the plunge without safety net, expressing himself throughout sensitive and harrowing songs, made for those Sundays when rain softly taps at your window.
From punk’s squats to theaters, from bars to festivals, this young hyperactive French (with an impressive play inspired by death-metal as well as gypsy jazz) has already done more than a hundred shows over the Europe… all presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, THROW ME OFF THE BRIDGE breaks free of all influences to open himself up, sincere and deeply present. He sings from his guts, and gets right to your heart. Enjoy his new song Someday.

Someday is taken from THROW ME OFF THE BRIDGE‘s upcoming album Blindfolded Traveler. In 2011 he released his debut album Everlasting Folks, a masterpiece of dark folk music, with lyrics that can’t be more emotional and touching. With Someday he follows that route.

Someday Lyrics:
Oh please, come on
There ain’t nothing to complain about
You’re still young
You’ve got nothing to be worried about

So please, stay strong
You’ve got friends who love you
And this is where they belong
Without them, what would you do?

Every life is screwed up
Every mind is fucked up
Every wish is fallen
Every heart is broken

Everything is here and now, don’t you see?
So maybe someday you would say that you’re happy

Sick and tired of waiting for someone or something
Why can’t you just be someone or do something?

Let in a bit of light
Even if it is not that bright
Let’s follow your own track
Even if hopes keep you back

Everything is here and now, it’s all I see
So maybe someday I could say ‘I am happy’.