Time Columns - LumaThe concept behind SUBSUBURBAN is something rather unexpected when it comes to Danish record labels. Famous for their pop and metal music, the Nordics tend focus on the local scene, and launching local artists to international success. But Subsuburban likes to dig deeper and they reach out across the world and find the perfect bands that fit with their personal philosophy. Started in 2010, SUBSUBURBAN describes themselves as a “record label collective, passionate about vinyl, dedicated to challenging aesthetics and the premises of thinking outside the box.”

Alf Lenni Erlandsen, one of the co-founders of the project, has been splitting his time between both his native Copenhagen and Berlin. We caught up with him this past week in lieu of their upcoming video release for Luma from TIME COLUMNS, which is featured on their debut album, Mana. We talked about the unique concept behind SUBSUBURBAN and their work with the progressive post-rock group.

I think that if I had discovered on my own that TIME COLUMNS, an American band from Maryland, had their L.P released by a small Danish record label, I would be really surprised. How do you decide which groups you are going to release?
Denmark is a small country, and we didn’t want to just start out with only Danish bands, since a lot of the other labels based in Copenhagen were so focused on them already. The first band we worked with, Silian Rail, was actually also from the US. So we really do our research and reach out to groups from all over. In some ways it’s scary to work with someone who is so far away, but we always try to make sure that the process of working with a band from a distance is really involved. We want to make sure that we are releasing the right group. But it’s also cool. It becomes like a little internet family that you can get really close with.


So, what’s the concept behind SUBSUBURBAN?
Well, there are two. We look to release bands that we feel nobody else has caught up with just yet, and to also work with them on a variety of platforms. The main thing is not to just the release and the promotion, but to work and learn together. We like to know about the production, the printing methods, photography…. everything. All of us are already engaged with music, so it gives us a chance to get involved with the production and the artists in a way where we can all learn together.


Can you give us an example of this with the featured band, TIME COLUMNS?
Well, it’s funny… we’ve actually never met them in person. Most of the bands that we find, we find online. Let’s say they’ve released an E.P already that’s on the internet, and we like what we see, we then get in touch and see if they want to work with us. Again, the process takes a lot of research to make sure it’s the right fit for both the band and us. In the case of TIME COLUMNS we really liked what we saw and we wrote them and basically said, “make a record and we know it will sound good.” We really took a chance.


How did you know that TIME COLUMNS would be the right fit for your label?
We saw that they were very involved with their local scene in Frederick, M.D, which we really like. They also took care of everything themselves, in particular the video we are about to release. In essence, we feel that they are they are very much in tune with us, especially in regards to the D.I.Y approach, the desire to learn more and to be fully involved in every aspect of their work. They were always doing a lot of the legwork themselves, and not just paying others to do it for them.


Did you guys get to have any input on the L.P?
We actually suggested doing etching on the vinyl, which we had never done before. But we decided to go for it, which was an investment on our part, and as a result it’s a double L.P. They had stuff for 3 sides on an LP so it was at the same time very natural to suggest etching.


As for the video for “Luma,” what makes this release so special?
The video is a very good example of how independent this band is, and also the ways in which they share our vision. The guitarist has been recording and producing other bands, while TIME COLUMNS has been doing a lot of heavy touring with groups like CASPIAN and others that follow a similar genre. In the case of Luma, the drummer, Jordan Miller, had been working on some other videos, but wanted to take it to the next level with this latest one. So it was really a learning process, and those are exactly the kinds of people we want to work with. It took a while for them to finish the video, since he needed to find someone to help with the color correction. Yet, it took time because he looked for friends to help with the work, instead of just hiring someone anonymous, which is also keeping with the spirit of D.I.Y.


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