Tindersticks - How We Entered - Video

England’s TINDERSTICKS have shared a haunting new music video for How He Entered, a song off their freshly released new LP The Waiting Room. The clip was shot by Amaury Voslion and Richard Dumas and sees a comeback of the donkey head which also marks the cover of the new album. TINDERSTICKS lead singer Stuart Staples discusses the story behind the head in a new interview with lomography.com:

‘I bought the donkey head a few years ago from a great theatrical antiques shop in Strasbourg – he is apparently 100 years old. Sometimes I wear him around the house, he has become a kind of alter-ego. We had a photo session for the album arranged at Langar Hall, Nottingham with Richard Dumas. I thought I would take the head along, see what happens. We have known each other a long time, there is a lot of trust between us.

When Richard was introduced to donkey man he put down his champagne and rushed to get his camera – the next day was a lot of fun and the session spawned the great album cover and the booklet of the donkey man and his wife that goes with it. The idea of the film – a day in the life – was born that day. Myself and Suzanne started to make a storyboard and discuss with Richard. Though over the course of the filming, the emotion of the story and connection with character developed between us.’

The reduced black and white clip really helps to keep the spirit of the sensual song alive, we think. Witness it below.