Titus Andronicus - The Magic Morning - Video


TITUS ANDRONICUS are an extraordinary indie rock outfit from Glen Rock, New Jersey that we all should definitely get around to more often. It’s great to hear that there’s a massive argument to do so in form of their new full-length The Most Lamentable Tragedy coming up soon (August 7th via Merge). TITUS ANDRONICUS have never been a band that’s done things by halves and so their fourth album will contain not less than 29 songs split into in several acts and adding up to over 90 minutes of indie rock opera madness. It’s just fitting that the band around singer Patrick Stickles has now revealed a new music video that’s just as epic as the whole project sounds. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the strange, highspeed epicness of TITUS ANDRONICUSThe Magic Morning.

Why Should I Watch This?

If you have 15 minutes of spare time you just should, trust us. The Magic Morning is a visual representation of the second act of The Most Lamentable Tragedy, made up of the songs The Magic Morning, Look A Like, the DANIEL JOHNSTON cover I Lost My Mind, Mr. E Mann, Fired Up and the previously released single Dimed Out. In a sort of fucked up Shakespearean chamber drama we witness Stickles in an impressive double role as a mad and an even madder version of himself (with and without beard). It also contains wild dancing, infectious indie rock and this DANIEL JOHNSTON reference is really splendid.

Anything Else?

Although TITUS ANDRONICUS stand for the more unwieldy sort of indie rock, you should feel invited to dive a little deeper in the band’s impressive catalogue before The Most Lamentable Tragedy arrives. Be prepared for some really catchy theatrical folk punk with an abysmal twist. It’s a band hardly to pin down but easy to enjoy. Maybe we’ll get close to #TheTruthAboutTMLT when the album comes out. For now we start the journey right here.