Usual Disco Night-out scenario: In a dark moonlit alley five guns are fired. Several times. By a calypso player without shirt, by hooded M.I.A., Captain Kirk uses a phaser, one shot by the Swedish band DUNGEN, by a doorman in a VANGELIS shirt and several shots by a girl on roller-skates. Then: silence, wafts of mist, staccato and action: Who wins the race back to the studio? Where fresh and clean aerobic outfits wait ready to be slipped into. Just imagine this scenario when you experience the following piece of music.

TÔG, the Norwegian disco outfit around producer LC Olsen, delivers a brand new track today, exclusively on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Leif Haaland, the head of LEIF AND THE FUTURE, is the responsible person for this little rework full of futuristic groove. Feiring is the name of the debut album from TÔG which was released this spring and about which we also talked with the band back then. And you can see for yourself right here if the future of the group is as bright as this track is. Join us for a trip to outer space.