Tortoise - Yonder Blue - Video

Last week TORTOISE released The Catastrophist, their first album in seven years and today they share the music video for its song Yonder Blue, featuring Georgia Hubley of YO LA TENGO on guest vocals. The impressive video was directed by Joe Martinez and showcases a feeling of desire and longing which the director sensed while listening to the song. He explains:

‘When I listened to Yonder Blue over and over again I felt a sense of longing and melancholy. A feeling of infinite want or a yearning for something. So I decided to personify this feeling into a character for theYonder Blue video. A person in pursuit of her identity and a journey that has the feeling of being incomplete. A snapshot of an existential journey and a moment to revel in the undefined qualities of life.’

Expect beautiful images of Mother Nature but also a slightly bizarre twist. And don’t forget to read our detailed talk with the band before experiencing the clip below.