Trails And Ways - My Things
Californian indie pop band and longtime NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION favourites TRAILS AND WAYS report back with My Things, their first new piece of music since last summer’s debut LP Pathology. The release also marks a line-up change for the group as founding members Hannah van Loon and Emma Oppen quit the group earlier this year.

Still, the remaining members Ian Quirk and Keith Brower Brown carried on with the group as the latter one explains in the following statement.

Right after we toured Brazil last December, two of our founding members decided they wanted out of the crazy touring life and left the band. Ian and I kept on, quit our day jobs, & went all in on making a new album. There was no turning back; these songs felt crucial to me, like my best chance to wrestle with the selfishness and capitalism inside me. ‘My Things’ was the first song I wrote for the record, and it feels like the bridge to the rock n roll sound & spirit we’re heading towards. We recorded the album on the cheap and fast as we could, and went for a rawer, hotter dreampop sound; with live drums on every song, overdriven guitars, rippin melodic bass, and the open chords of bossanova.

It still spreads the sweet summerly vibes we’ve come to love from TRAILS AND WAYS. And it’s also up for free download, so what other argument do you need?