It’s no shame that Swiss singer and songwriter URSINA passed your radar until now. Naturally, it’s not that easy for artists from the small country in the heart of Europe to gain attention outside their homeland. But Switzerland has a thriving music scene and URSINA has created quite a buzz there. You won’t have an excuse for missing out on her tender folk pop anymore though, after you watched the new video for the song Behind Us, premiering today here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

The song is a pure and simple blend of folk and pop influences, paired with a little mystery and nature shots in the video. The combination though is plain convincing in conveying the message behind the tune, that URSINA herself explains like this:

“The song is about making a step towards uncharted territory and about abandoning your comfort zone to be able to experience something new.”

So let’s join URSINA and her tender longing in Behind Us. The song is off of the upcoming debut album You Have My Heart which will be out by January 27th.