Vampire Blow - Photo

Morten Søgaard (guitar), Jasper Spanning (bass/vocals) and Thomas Persson (drums) are the trio of Copenhagen musicians behind VAMPIRE BLOW. They have a reputation for enjoying an off-beat sense of humour (their press document lists Persson’s nickname as ‘Freakshow’ and Spanning’s as ‘From The Grave’) and playing weird, strung-out psychedelic rock. Now they’re back on the scene with their new single, Sundown.

Sundown basically sounds all psychedelic music ought to, like conventional rock filtered through a kaleidoscope and listened to though a wizard’s hat. It starts off with an uncomfortable, punching thump that quickly clears the stage for warped, squalling guitars. Fortunately, unlike a lot a psychedelia, it doesn’t lose its sense of purpose and sink into a sea of aimless gloom, but instead keeps a pounding momentum that powers the track forward. It’s weird, deranged and very, very good. It’s also accompanied by a video so odd it could pass for the internal contents of a hideously drunk David Lynch’s mind, and if that’s not enough to make you want to watch it I really, really don’t know what will. The song is out now, check out the video right here.