alice-mertonYoung artist ALICE MERTON couldn’t have picked a better title for her debut EP and new single No Roots – that’s what her life has basically been about in the past 23 years. Born in Canada she also lived in the USA and England in the past years and moved places quite some time. Berlin is just the latest stop in that ongoing journey but it clearly helped the young lady to find a creative home for a while, especially in the work relationship with producer Nicolas Rebscher who helped crafting the sound of her first release.

Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the world premiere of the video for No Roots, which shows ALICE MERTON in all her performance glory, dancing and singing as the rhythm of this catchy pop piece unfolds. There’s something quite addictive in this scenery, we must say. The No Roots EP is out on January 20 via her own label Paper Plane Records Int.