Ryan Vail 1927

RYAN VAIL is an Irish composer living in Derry. After having written pieces for the BBC and being endorsed by NILS FRAHM, he released his debut EP in April. For Every Silence is a mesmerizing 10 tracks piece, mixing layers of folk, classical and electronic music. His signature sound is quite pure and mainly focused to produce an organic cocoon. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is really happy to premiere the opening track, titled 1927, and featuring a video directed by Michael Barwise. RYAN told us more about it:

‘The idea of making a standard music video for this track didn’t seem to work for me. The album ‘For Every Silence‘ for me was about trying new things and collaborating with other musicians and artists. Michael Barwise & his brother Joe Barwise took a real minimal approach to the visual side of this video. Creating a piece of visual art.’

Ryan Vail1927 is a sensual and minimalist track is in fact a collobaration, achieved with Belfast-based RACHAEL BOYD. Nothing is to be said but to be felt. Discover below this Irish gem and don’t forget to check out RYAN‘s tour, presented by yours truly, NBHAP, including stops at such wonderful festivals like Sacred Ground and Pop-Kultur Berlin.