viet cong continentalscreenshot

Please screw yourself if you came here because of this picture above. It’s not nudity. It’s shocking instead. You shallow and randy whore to superficial consumption and nothingness. But you didn’t, actually. Instead, this screenshot of a video by all hyped band VIET CONG is a perfect example of aesthetic superiority. It raises questions far off from the libidinal effect. Why is she not lying on the wooden shelf? And why, on the contrary, tidily put a white thin blanket on the floor to rest upon? Is it too perfectly clean to be contaminated by anything physical? Is it too narrow? Too sensitive? Or does the woman with the phalanges perfectly aligned want to feel a shadow cut her in half, wants to rest in limbo, right on the edge, caught in a state of infinite risk?

This concept of aseptic discomfort was used bands before. Its superiority to warmth and closeness is based upon a search for this one moment you, and only you, can find a song’s weak spot to get a grip upon: So it may open up. Lead you in just to make you search something comforting within a cold and deeply repulsive surrounding. This week, the Calgary based band VIET CONG released a self-titled LP and put out the video to the song Silhouettes off this great grey and cold record. Listen to the furious song and watch the video from outer space right here.

Alternative video link right here.