Cologne-based band VIMES.

Picture: Frederike Wetzels

Cologne is a wonderful place when you look at all the amazing electronica deriving from one of Germany’s most exciting cities. VIMES alongside Kompakt duos COMA and WEVAL is at the fore-front of this burgeoning hub. Still, Cologne isn’t just Kompakt, as they told us via their guestmix last year, and you should look broader at the musical landscape when you visit the city. Azhar Syed and Julian Stetter released their acclaimed debut, entitled Nights in Limbo, in 2016 on Humming Records. The duo’s music is based on powerful techno-oriented grooves and unveils a certain European melancholy we take note of a lot these days. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to help unleash this feel by premiering the video clip for Rudal, a song being central to their performances. VIMES explain:

‘Rudal’ always played a very special role for us. Our visual approach regarding the Rudal video was to capture the balance between stoic electronics and a more organic performance which has always been an important aspect for us when presenting our music on stage.

This line of thought does reflect the song itself which is at its core a human or acoustic matter that gradually gives way to something else. Additionally, we wanted to capture our live setup that displays the interaction between sound and light.

If you like ‘Rudal’ as much as we do, make sure to check out its reprise version – carefully crafted for dancefloors full of tears and spins. The video also gives a preview of what it looks like when Stetter and Syed hit the road. If you feel like attending one of their moving live gigs, scroll down and find several new tour dates across Germany below.


26.4. The Brewhouse, London (UK)
30.4. Sundowner Festival, Wildbad Rothenburg
02.5. Häkken, Hamburg
03.5. Musik & Frieden, Berlin
04.5. Druckluft, Oberhausen
05.5. Vogelhaus, Bocholt