Summer is over girls! It’s a tragedy. Probably for the last time this year, though: someone trying to lift your skirts like half nude Q-TIP on an Irish stack do: WHAT (WITH HONESTY AND THOUGHT).  A grooving duo from the northern parts of Britain playing it 1990s. Airy keyboard lines and little horn figures stroll along Ocean Scene Talk To Me.

People especially liking NIGHTMARES ON WAX and A TRIBE CALLED QUEST, who grew up in small towns or on the countryside, seem to also have a strong affiliation to hardcore and punk bands. Someone should put up research on that; though it’s probably just the weed. La La La La La. The two rappers names are: Martian Styles and Slums AKA Daniel Favela [sic!]. Enjoy this smooth one as today’s ‘Sound of the Day’ on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.