White Birches - 2015Let’s get a bit miserable right now? A bit mourning in the morning. Well, quite often when you look at the world right now there’s not much space for hope, you can’t deny this. And a question remains: what is there left to believe in? How about art, love, David Lynch and Beelzebub? At least these are the things WHITE BIRCHES believe in. What they don’t believe in? Nations, borders and only one opinion. These thoughts are part of their manifesto as a band and It’s A Hollow World might be the fitting soundtrack for it.

Singer Jenny Gabrielsson Mare and her musical companion Fredrik Jonasson deliver bittersweet and dark shoegaze magic on their new tune. The song is taken off the WHITE BIRCHES debut album Dark Waters which will arrive on April the 8 and we don’t expect catchy sunshine pop on it, that much is for sure. And until this happens NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the exclusive premiere of It’s A Hollow World right here.