Wolf Catcher - So EmotionalI really love that sense of loneliness you can get in a city of millions. Do you know what I mean? Think of deserted suburb streets, lit by industrial yellow-white lights. Think of places that belong to everyone, but to no one in particular. The detachment is scary but comforting at the same time. Now follow these next two steps; first, press the play button on WOLF CATCHER’s So Emotional ft. XXYYXX. Next, jump into the scene described above, but add a beautiful girl in a red dress, dancing to the slow-drip beat on the corner of the street. She’s in her own world, has her eyes closed, and doesn’t mind the rain. She dances with her hips, arms close to her body, as if floating on the deep bass pulse. The hypnotizing vocals and electronic drone have her in a trance-like state, while she drifts gently on the offset rhythm. So sensual.

Up to date, not much is known about WOLF CATCHER. During a brief Q&A, we found out that the band consists of a group of people who live in America, but who prefer to keep their identities anonymous for now. Their goal is to transcend genres, with songs that are comprised of pure personal experience, and sounds that reflect the connection between the Native Americans and the wolves. To them, music is just about passion, emotion and art. They also confided in us that they plan on releasing more tracks in the near future.

We also know this track features Californian electronic Producer Marcel Everett, better known as XXYYXX. His experimental lo-fi/chillwave signature is unmistakably evident in the song. Everett, whose single Pay Attention was featured earlier this summer on our page, next to the beautiful music video for his single DMT in January, describes his own music as “Doing drugs on a freeway… underwater.” Not too far from the images of raw emotion described above. This is what made us decide that the song should be NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION’s new “Sound of the Night”. Get on the on-ramp and dive in.