Woodkid - 2013 - Photo by Mathieu Cesar

WOODKID – Photo by Mathieu Cesar

At Festival International de Jazz de Montréal France Yoann Lemoine aka WOODKID talked to a group of journalists and announced that he will take a break from music for the foreseeable future. He wants to focus on his directing career from now on.

He was asked about recording plans and answered:

It’s a very exhausting two years. I want to focus on being a director right now. I do not feel like going again through the process of making an album. I feel like I’ve been very focused on myself for the past two or three years. Talking about this project, talking in press conferences. It’s something that I have to do but it gets toxic. It pulls you into your own little world. I need to open myself up more to other things for months or years before I start to work on a new album. When I do one, it’s not going to be very similar to what I’ve done so far.

After the release of his debut album The Golden Age (2013) WOODKID became huge within a very short time, including headline shows of major festivals. Seems everything went too fast, he’s exhausted and lots of people say he’s an ‘arrogant bastard’. Maybe a break is helpful. In the meantime hipsters might fall in love with the humble version of classical music (e.g. Claude Debussy).

via Under The Radar