Yann Tiersen - 2016

Acclaimed composer YANN TIERSEN returns with a new studio album this fall. EUSA follows 2014’s ∞ (Infinity) and arrives this September via Mute and it was recorded in the legendary Abbey Road Studios. The theme circles around the island Ouessant at the Breton coast where the musician also went for this record’s field recordings as he states.

‘Ouessant (Ushant) is more than just a home – it’s a part of me. The idea was to make a map of the island and, by extension, a map of who I am. To begin with I chose ten locations on the island and made a series of field recordings at each of them. The pieces of piano music I then went on to write are named after these locations, and the sheet music for each piece is accompanied by a GPS coordinate and a photograph of the site taken by Emilie Quinquis.’

A first song off the new YANN TIERSEN record goes by the name Porz Goret. You can watch the music video as well as an album trailer (which works as a making of to the clip) both right here.