Yukon Blonde - Photo by Olivia Jaffe

Photo by Olivia Jaffe

YUKON BLONDE are a Canadian group, formerly known as ALPHABABY, whose membership comprises of Graham Jones, Jeffrey Innes, Brandon Scott and James Younger. After two albums and a break (singer Innes took some time out to pursue solo ventures), they’ve regrouped to produce their third record, On Blonde. That album’s second single is entitled Como.

Preceding single Saturday Night was a slick disco effort, but Como goes in a different direction. Como is a track where YUKON BLONDE’s loves of jangle and synth collide into each other and transform into glossy, peppy dance-indie. The whole song is loaded with shimmering guitar riffs and clever little vocal flourishes, and clocks in at the three and a half minute mark, the magic number for pop songs. The song’s inherent summery grove means it seems destined to soundtrack a million home videos of bouncing around at the beach. YUKON BLONDE’s third album On Blonde is out on Dine Alone Records on June 16th.