Zola BloodZOLA BLOOD aren’t strangers here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Just remember their sweet tracks Meridian and Grace. Now, they’ve released a new one and we thought you might want to take a listen to Pieces Of The Day.

The song is the second release off their upcoming debut album but already continues its direction of soft electronic beats mixed with nebulous vocals as previously shown on the first supporting single Play Out.

Pieces Of The Day recounts an evening driving around London the number 8-night bus. And that’s precisely the sort of atmosphere that one feels while listening to the song. Like one is finally settling down after a long days work, making ones way home, watching the people scurry by below but really just taking a deep breath and letting all the worry go. But best you take a listen for yourself.

Like previously mentioned the four boys from Hackney are finally planning on launching their yet to be named debut album. This is to be scheduled for early in the new year and can already be pre-ordered.