Dead Man’s Lullaby is a pretty classic title for a song – you could probably expect to hear a tune named something along those lines in bars from the middle ages to last week. Another band to contribute to the canon of dark, spooky songs of that title is Greek act 2 By Bukowski (Achilles Charmpilas and George Malamadis). Their Dead Man’s Lullaby is a collaboration with Greek-born, LA-based artist Kid Moxie, and it leads their late 2018 split single Dead Man’s Lullaby/ Jam Four. And now it’s got a video, of which we’ve got the premiere for you here today.

Dead Man’s Lullaby isn’t a song that needs to over-exert itself to make its point. Instead it snakes along a prickly guitar riff, and lets that and the soft tension in Kid Moxie‘s vocal steer it along. It’s a song designed to get under your skin, and make the hair on the back of your next stand up, and the video, directed by Alex Turda, follows similar lines, a hazy nightmare that lives up to the song’s title. Check it out below.

Dead Man’s Lullaby/ Jam Four is out now on Inner Ear.