Sometimes a good summer hit can happen by accident we surely didn’t expect a track about drive by shootings to be one. Obviously, Swiss artist Alex Landtwing aka Ay Wing uses the Drive By as a metaphor although it might also be a nod to the urban music era of the 1990s because you can clearly spot references in her collaboration with producer Shuko. The track sounds like nostalgic roadtrip through California, it’s the musical equivalent to a lazy feel-good day at the beach and the music video we’re exclusively debuting today unsurprisingly underlines that.

Shot while Ay Wing and her band were touring in the US in March, filmmaker Steve Glashier perfectly captured the frivolous, happy joyous mood the artist was in during her stay at Venice Beach in LA on her off day. ‘We were surprised how many people spontaneously joined the madness,’ she explains and indeed there’s all the Venice beach madness happening you might expect whether it’s street performers, skate parks and the muscle beach outdoor gym. It’s a feel good clip for a feel good tune. If you love what you hear we also highly recommend the artist’s 2018 EP Ice Cream Dream. Well, and we obviously encourage you to make Drive By your personal sunshine hit of the season right now.